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Montezuma Inspire Coalition (MIC) serves youth living in Montezuma County, including the population centers of Cortez, Mancos, Dolores, and Towoac. MIC brings together a diverse group of nonprofits, businesses and governmental organizations that have a great passion for youth and the outdoors. Our Coalition aims to serve “every kid in every zip” and to increase opportunities for all youth in our county to experience the outdoors through the coordination and scaffolding of existing and new programming.

Through our partners we provide standards-aligned outdoor curriculum programs, for all county school districts. Our partners provide afterschool, out-of-school, and summer programs, including field trips and family activities.

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MIC aims to help youth to develop leadership skills and increase protective factors, via outdoor and nature programming, to improve the overall well-being, physical health and self-esteem for young people.

Our vision is for youth of all ages and backgrounds in Montezuma County to respect, care for and enjoy themselves, their communities and the natural world. By encouraging them to share these values with their family, friends and across generations, we seek to build an inclusive, strong, healthy and resilient community and economy.