Our Partners

We are so grateful to our MIC partners! Our MIC partners are groups or individuals who are dedicated to getting every kid in every zip outdoors. Partners support the coalition through attending meetings, providing programming, and engaging with other partners on a regular basis through events, providing trainings and consistent communication.

To provide the community with the opportunity to participate in quality recreational programs and to enjoy well maintained parks, facilities and golf course.

Dolores River Boating Advocates protects and enriches the recreational and ecological values of the Dolores River through advocacy, stewardship and education.

To get kids in Mancos, Dolores, and Cortez excited about riding bikes.

Horses and people working together to foster healthier communities. Uses Equine assisted therapy and growth learning programs to aid participants to gain confidence, pro social skills, or to increase mobility and balance.

An innovative land trust working to protect lands and reconnect community to our natural world in the stunning southwest corner of Colorado.

Unite our local agricultural heritage with our growing future by engaging students at the crossroads of sustainable agriculture, resource conservation, health and economics through educational experiences in outdoor garden classes, on field trips and summer farm camps.

Dedicated to the responsible use and preservation of the San Juan Mountains, educational programs, publications, and volunteer projects, as well as interpretive services.

SCYC supports youth on their path to positive adulthood. We believe all youth are capable, engaged leaders that will build an open and responsive community.  Hosting programs like BOTIVN Life Skills, Youth Leadership Council, football leadership, art and jewelry design.

A conservation service programs that foster inclusive opportunities and collaborative partnerships for positive growth through development of knowledge, leadership, and compassion towards our lands and communities.